Questions and Answers about Dumpster Rentals in Mobile, Fairhope, Spanish Fort, and Surrounding Areas

Absolutely not!  We are an established local company based out of Fairhope, AL. As the owner of my business, I love having an opportunity to personally consult with customers about their project and help determine the size of dumpster best suited for your project!  We know that renting a dumpster can be an ambiguous process for some! Between myself and my wonderful dumpster consultant-we are here to help make the process easy!
We service Baldwin County and Mobile County in Alabama including:

Please, call anytime! Our phones are transferred to an associate’s cell phone for afterhours emergencies! If we miss you, we will call you back as soon as possible!

Costs will vary depending on the size of the dumpster and the material being discarded. Dumpster rentals start at $299. We require credit card payment prior to your bin being delivered-this will secure your spot in our schedule! We typically do not accept cash or checks at the time of delivery but if you have a unique situation, call us! We’re happy to consider an option that works for everyone!

Dumpsters are measured in cubic yards (CY). We offer a 4-CY and 6-CY dumpster for concrete, dirt, asphalt-basically anything dense and heavy. We also have the following:

10-CY Dumpster (10’ long x 7’ wide x 4’ high) -great for smaller projects, flooring work, small roof replacements, household clean outs.

15-CY Dumpster (11’ long x 8’ wide x 4.5’ high) -great for landscaping projects, deck and siding jobs, larger roof replacements, remodels, estate liquidations or evictions.

20-CY Dumpster (11’ long x 8’ wide x 6’ high) -great for contractors! Disaster remediation, full house remodels and construction projects, tenant buildouts, etc.
Our dumpsters have been designed to take up only one parking space. For many of our customers, they are still able to park in their driveway or access their garages even with our dumpster on site. For commercial jobs like condo remodels or tenant buildouts, our dumpsters will fit nicely in one parking space, leaving the rest of your parking area to your devoted shoppers or guests!
Yes, we do live loads. This means that for an additional, but reasonable, fee per hour, our driver will place the dumpster on the ground and allow you to fill the bin while he waits. CONDO RENOVATIONS…HELLO! You can remodel your beautiful beach front property without having to compromise the parking for the rest of your guests! Call for more details! 
We typically rent our dumpsters for 7-10 days; however, we can pick up our dumpster sooner if you are finished with it. We can certainly discuss a longer rental period; we understand not every job can be completed within that timeframe! When you are ready for the dumpster to be picked up, just call us! We promise not to let the dumpster sit for weeks. We will be able to fulfill your pickup request within 24 hours, guaranteed! This is why our roofing partners love to work with Bin There Dump That!
Yes! We take great pride in protecting your property. Our unique wood board protection system that we place under our dumpsters prevents surface to surface contact between our dumpster and your property. We also sweep the area of any loose debris when we come to pick up our dumpsters. We don’t leave a mess behind!
If you call us by noon, we are typically able to accommodate same-day delivery! If not, we guarantee the dumpster to be delivered within 24 hours of your request! We are proud to say we manage our inventory very well and we have never had to wait list a customer for more than 24 hours!

Yes, all our dumpsters have walk-in double doors on the back for fast and convenient rear loading!

Our dumpsters are clean and green because we are environmentally friendly and take pride in our appearance. We aren't giving you a rust bucket that sits on your property and becomes an eyesore; our dumpsters look neat and professional!
Dumpsters are not to be used for any toxic or hazardous material! No wet paint, no liquid chemicals, no explosives. Food waste requires prior approval and an additional fee. Tires require prior approval and an additional fee per tire.

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