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Things You Can Do To Celebrate Earth Day Virtually in 2020


In 2020, Earth Day has reached a big milestone. We have been celebrating Earth Day for 2020 years. Due to recent circumstances, there has been a lot of cancellations of festivals and events but the world has grown. Because we're so technologically advanced, we're still able to celebrate Earth Day... virtually! We're physical distancing but that doesn't mean we can't come together socially online! Here are a few things that you can do during Earth Day/Week/Month!

1. earthday365

Are you a big believer of Earth Day? Well, Earth Day is celebrating 50 years strong and a big advocate of showing the importance of Earth Day has always been earthday365.

Due to the recent circumstances, their annual Earth Day festival has become a virtual Earth Day festival. Tickets are free and when you register you’ll receive a link of their schedule and a reminder of the festival. Upon registration you’ll be entered into a raffle that’s drawn everyday to win prizes!

The festival starts from April 18th - 26th and will feature daily online live content and links that feature work in the community toward a more sustainable future.

You can catch various things on the Virtual Earth Day such as a live aquarium tour of the St. Louis Aquarium, Sustainable Backyard Virtual Tour, etc.

Register for your FREE tickets here

2. The Virtual Run Challenge

virtual run challenge - earth day

Are you a big runner or looking for Earth Day Activities that you can do while social distancing? Why not run? This is a great way for individuals to come together. The goal of The Virtual Run Challenge is to motivate the sharing of experiences in hopes to make a difference in others that may be less fortunate.

For this virtual run challenge, you will be asked to log in your miles and report them daily or weekly and they’ll be added into their overall goal.

Share your mission by tagging them @virtualrunchallenge and using the hashtag, #VCREarthDayChallenge

It’s free to register for the virtual run challenge, but you’re able to donate and upgrade your registration package (up to $65) to receive some swag for your participation. 

Register for The Virtual Run Challenge Here

3. Earth Week 2020 with Stanford University

stanford university
Standford Woods Institute for the Environment for a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The public is welcome to join with students, staff and faculty as they reflect on the progress they’ve made since the first Earth Day 50 years ago. This is a great opportunity to reflect on the past 50 years and discuss what the next 50 years holds for us.

The reflection process that everybody should be able to do will show the importance of earth day and the earth by focusing on what’s important and what works.

For the rest of the week, they will learn, interact with, and envision opportunities for sustainability throughout the week. There will be a series of virtual Earth day events that will aim to inspire action and motivate innovation during this Earth Day milestone throughout the week.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email to confirm access to the virtual sessions taking place.

You’ll need to register for Monday’s Earth Day Future separately from the week’s events. All virtual Earth Day activities will be free of charge.

Register for Monday's Earth Day Future 50 Celebration here

Register for Earth Week 2020: Celebrating Sustainability here

4. Colorado University Earth Week 2020

Colorado University will bring together faculty, staff and student leaders to answer the question of “What’s next for sustainability, resilience and climate?” Coming together virtually to celebrate, success and explore what we will do moving forward.

Attend virtual gallery walk-throughs of biographies and accomplishments of inspiring leaders and activists in the fight for climate change and environmental justice.

Colorado University invites you to explore and celebrate the history of environmental advocacy done by students, staff, faculty, campus and community partners. We look ahead to see what will happen in the next 50 years while celebrating the past and progress we’ve accomplished.

Registering for these virtual Earth day events are free of charge and will be a great informational session to see what Colorado University is doing for their community and for their Earth.

Register for Monday's event here

Register for Wednesday's (Earth Day) event here

Register for Friday's event here

5. Sustainable Living Association

Are you in the mood for some live music? Sustainable Living Association has rescheduled their 10th annual Earth Day event in Fort Collins to September but that doesn’t mean you cancel Earth Day altogether. You’re still able to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with the Sustainable Living Association.

During April 18th - 22nd you’re able to share passions, ideas, thoughts and creativity on their Facebook page where they will have scheduled live events of music, tips and tricks from Shift Foco, Happy Hour, and more! During this 5 day online celebration, they want to celebrate our beautiful planet and remind us to not stop working hard to preserve it!

For more information, follow their Facebook page

For information on their schedule, click here

6. Visible Green Home Virtual Tour

This event is a Visible Green Home VIRTUAL Burh Becc Earth Day Celebration Tour 2020 hosted by Architectural Resource. Have you always wanted to make your home more green? No, not the color but environmentally friendly?

This very special live event will teach you about the aspects of this groundbreaking home including design, systems and features that helped it to become one of two fully-certified Living Building Challenge residences.

Before the tour starts, you’ll be sent an invitation with an exclusive link to join the virtual meeting space on Zoom as the online platform. You will only receive this invitation if you register.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions through the virtual portal and the hosts have challenged themselves to answer every single inquiry/question asked.

Register for the Virtual Walking Tour here

7. Discovery Education: Earth Day Events

1. This Earth Day enjoy a virtual activity for students, educators, and families to enjoy. On April 22nd, 2020 at 11am EST take the students on a virtual field trip to the tundra and enjoy a live stream with the Polar Bears. Listen to the Polar Bear experts comment on their behaviours and how climate change has impacted their habitat. Take the opportunity to learn how we can help make a positive impact on the planet. Also don’t miss the opportunity to see a polar bear cub interacting with its parents. 

Visit this page on the event date to enjoy the field trip

2. Enjoy a passionate and educated chat with wildlife biologist Forrest Galante from Animal Planet. This event will focus on simple things we can do to make the world a better place for wildlife. Learn more about the wildlife that was extinct and how it happened. 

Check the Facebook Page on April 22nd at 10am EST to participate

Baseball fans! This ones for you. Engage in a LIVE Twitter Chat with Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Brent Suter about his passion for sustainability. From studying Environmental Science and Public Policy at Harvard University to playing in the MLB Brent Suter explains the importance of caring for the environment. 

On April 22nd at 1pm EST visit @DiscoveryEducation on Twitter

8. Arizona State University: Envisioning The Future Contest

If writing is your strong suit and you are searching for a way to celebrate Earth Day...Participate in ‘’Envisioning the Future’’ essay contest by May 5th, 2020 at 11:59pm. All you have to do is answer ‘’How do you envision the future?’’. The contest will be judged by Arizona State University’s Interdisciplinary faculty that have expertise in climate science, sustainability, creative writing, and environmental literature. Use reputable current facts to help back up your opinion on what the future has in store for us. Best of all, your work may be aimed for publication as well as cash prizes offered to the three finalists.

For more information, read this article here

9. Arizona State University: Earth Month While Social Distancing

Social distancing does not stop Arizona State University from celebrating Earth Month and the 50th Earth Day on April 22nd. Two students created the Earth Month Learning Series that follows online discussions led by Faculty and staff experts. These educational and thorough conversations happen through online meeting platform Zoom from 12-1pm MST. The topics range from ‘’Do I really have to give up cheese? Sustainable Cooking and Eating to Fit Your LIfestyle’’ to ‘’Backyard Gardening - 5 Steps to Growing Youth Own Food’’. You won’t want to miss any more interesting discussions.

For more information on their topics, click here

10. Colorado State University's Virtual Earth Week

colorado edu
From April 20-24, Colorado State University will virtually celebrate Earth Week, including the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Learning more about sustainability activities will help you celebrate Earth Day! During this Earth Week celebration, you’ll be able to participate in challenges during the Earth Day festival, watch tours of the university’s sustainable operations and facilities and read about current behaviors impacting the environment.

They’ll be adding more events and activities often for you to enjoy during Earth Week while social distancing.

Remember to use the hashtag, #CSUEarthDayEverywhere

For more information, visit their website