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10 Tricks to Reduce House Renovation Project Timing


When moving to a new house or renovating the house you live in, it is important to know a few methods and techniques to renovate it in an economical way. Equally important is the fact that house renovation projects should be less costly and less time consuming, and the best way to do this is to follow the 10 tricks which not only changes the time period of house renovation project timing but also gives ideas and advice on how one can easily renovate the house without any difficulties.

Plan, Measure And Oversee

Planning goals

1. The first thing which one should figure out is that one should consider the home renovation as a business plan, while at the same time starting from scratch. It is important to know plan before starting any project, with setting goals about that particular project. The goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time specific. So, in order to plan house renovation project in an appropriate way, one should keep in mind the amount of budget that is to be spent, along with keeping track of time.

Measuring budget

2. The second trick for you to assess while planning the house renovation project is that you should consider important doing research on all the things that you need to do when renovating your house. For this, you need to research a number of contractors and architects, and compare their qualities with one another. Remember that you are looking for a qualified, yet inexpensive contractor and architect in order to renovate your house. Also, during your planning and research, you ought to keep three to six month in advance, because realistically, there can be hinderances in your way which you will need to avoid.

Overseeing your project

3. The third major trick is saving money, which you can do by either taking loans that you can repay later, or using environmental friendly equipment, where the basic aim is to reduce budget and provide energy. You should always focus on keeping your budget on track by avoiding extra costs and working efficiently to reduce the overall cost of the project. Your goal here should be to renovate a house beautifully, economically as well as reducing the time spent on the project.

4. In addition to this, the fourth advice is to oversee your house renovation project at times by keeping a check and balance on the time that is being utilized, the work that is being done and the amount of money that is spent on the project. If you plan to do everything yourself and don’t have the urge to hire a project manager, this action automatically saves you 10 to 20 % of the cost of the overall project as compared to the contractor who will plan for you. The fifth trick for you to keep in mind is to read the contract before signing it in order to avoid problems that are created later due to misunderstanding between the contractor and you. Also, reading the contract beforehand is less time consuming due to the fact that you already know what you have signed up for and have a clear picture of the finished look.

5. Internal house renovation: Paints, AC installation, using appropriate material to reduce time. While renovating your house, you should not only consider renovation on the outside of the house for a better impression but also focus on the internal structure of the house which is equally important. For this, you have to select the appropriate type of paint. It is arguable that paint has a huge impact on lighting and so therefore, you should opt for the suitable colors for your house which can give a sophisticated look.

6. So, the sixth point is to select the appropriate color and type of paint for your internal structure and possibly to keep one color in order to reduce time spent on painting walls, as painting walls in a same color decreases time spent as compared to painting walls of different colors.

chandelier in modern living room space

7. Similarly, the seventh trick for reducing house renovation project timing is to install AC, in order to reduce the time on paint drying. A well set up AC System aims to help save time on the wet paints to get dry easily as compared to letting paint dry naturally, which is very time consuming. Along with this, keeping an AC system is a total advantage for the complete look of the house as it makes the house look more modern and sophisticated.

8. The eight trick you need to follow is to consistently check on the air filters in the systems of your home, because usually the painters remove filters before painting the house and often forget to put them back in place. The danger is that a missing filter can lead to damages in your furnace. This is why you should use appropriate material, such as clean air filters, in order to save yourself time and money from future problems.

Reduce time by cleaning consistently

In reality, house renovation project can be messy and dusty, and it takes a lot of time to clean the house afterwards.

9.  The ninth trick is that you should aim for cleaning the house regularly, during your house renovation in order to save time and energy afterwards. Cleaning the house regularly is less tiresome and the burden of cleaning afterwards is also reduced. You should focus on removing the dirt and dust from the systems and from other equipment.

10.  The tenth and the last trick for you to check while renovating your house is to prepare your maintenance supplies by getting all the cleaning tools you need throughout your house renovation project, such as a vacuum cleaner and sanitizing wipes, for instance. It is a common fact that during renovation, there is only dirt and dust in the house. You should focus on removing the dirt and dust by using vacuum cleaners which are less time consuming as compared to using traditional cleaning techniques such as using brush.